Announcement Super High Roller Feature #1: Range Mode

by | Oct 3, 2020 | Updates | 0 comments

Hey everyone,

we’ve been fairly quiet lately and that’s because we’ve been working on something big behind the scenes. We’re extremely proud to announce our new subscription tier: The Super High Roller! After many months of hard work we’re finally (almost) ready. 

What’s new you ask? Lots of things! We worked closely with our community and listened to their wishes. We’ll slowly reveal more details over the next coming days but without a doubt the biggest and most exciting feature is our “range mode”. We’re now showing you strategies for your entire range and not just the hand you have. This has been highly requested by you guys and we’re excited to announce that it’s almost here! As we said this is only the beginning and we’ll be back to share more news very soon!

Range Mode Super High Roller Tier