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Our community asked for a quick and easy way to access all of our preflop ranges. We are excited to present our newest tool: DTO Preflop – the easiest way to improve your preflop strategy. DTO Preflop combined with DTO Postflop Trainer truly gives you everything you need to succeed in today’s tough tournaments!
The strategy recommended by DTO Preflop has been used by top professionals for a few years and we’re the first ones to make this information available to the public.
You can now play exactly the same preflop strategy as some of the world’s best players for an extremely affordable price.

DTO Preflop is available in your browser.

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DTO Preflop Different Actions

A solution for every preflop scenario

Folding, calling, 3-betting or jamming all in against multiple people?
We got you covered. With DTO Preflop you can quickly look up the answer to any preflop spot that may come up!

DTO Preflop Multiple Stacksizes

Multiple Stack Sizes

We offer  a large number of different stack sizes starting from 5bb all the way up to 75bb and add new spots every week. Stack sizes are always changing in tournaments and it’s very important to know the difference in strategy when it comes to playing a 20 or 30bb stack. With DTO preflop you’re able to look up strategies for any stack size you struggle with.

DTO Preflop Balanced Frequencies

Balanced Frequencies

Professionals often say No limit hold’em is a game of frequencies. What that means is, that it’s extremely important to not take a certain action too often or not often enough. DTO Preflop offers a strategy that is perfectly balanced and can’t be exploited for any preflop spot.


DTO Preflop Alternative Strategies

Short stack limping  & alternative strategies

Our founder Dominik Nitsche is well known for his unique preflop strategy which involves a lot of limping. Executing a limping strategy properly can be a very difficult but extremely profitable task. We’re giving you access to his private short stack limping strategy. We’re also going to release alternative strategies which will feature bigger open raises!

DTO Preflop ICM Scenarios

Final table strategy
(ICM approved)

If you ask any world class  MTT player they’ll tell you that most of the money in tournaments is made at the final tables. The best players in the world have known for a long time how important it is to deviate from regular preflop charts at final tables. We simulated a bunch of unique final table scenarios so everyone can learn how to approach preflop play at big final tables.
All of our simulations are based on ICM (independent chip model) and as such are vastly different from regular chip EV simulations.

Preflop Trainer

Preflop Trainer is out now!

We just launched our Preflop Trainer tool to make the  process of studying preflop spots much more fun!


With DTO Preflop we’ll give you access to all preflop solutions for life for one single payment. No need to subscribe!