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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Use my subscription on multiple devices?

Yes, you can! Any subscription made on an Apple device can be used on all of your Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad). The same applies to Android. You just have to make sure that you are logged into the store with the same credentials on all devices. On most devices DTO Poker will automatically find your subscription on startup and set your subscription level accordingly. If it does not you can manually ask it to check, please see the next question.

I've bought a subscription but DTO says my subscription level is "Free", how do I get it back?

This issue can happen when switching devices or reinstalling. You’ll need to restore your purchase within the app. Make sure you have the newest version of DTO Poker installed, then simply go into the Shop and click on “Help! I already subscribed, what do I do?” – see the screenshots below. This will open a dialog that guides you through the process and should only take a few seconds. Afterwards DTO will detect the correct subscription level. If it still doesn’t please contact us at support@dto.poker.

I have already subscribed to Grinder now I want to upgrade to High Roller, how does it work?

Easy! You just go into the DTO Poker shop, click on “Details & Subscribe” under High Roller and select the billing period (and discount that comes with it) you want: monthly, semi-annual or annual.

From here on it depends on the store you are in: 

  • Apples App Store will simply create a new subscription for you and refund any money left on your old Grinder subscription. So if you have used 15 days of your monthly subscription you’ll get half the money back.

  • The Google Play Store works a little different. It will use the remaining value of your existing Grinder subscription and calculate the value of that within the new High Roller subscription. This sounds complicated so here is an example: Again, let’s assume you have had your monthly subscription for 15 days, you’ve bought it on the 1. of a month and you’re based in the US. That means you’ve initially paid $9.99 and your remaining value is $5. Now you decide to get the High Roller with monthly billing as well. The monthly subscription is $29.99 per month. So your remaining $5 is worth roughly 1/6 of a month or 5 days. Since you’ve already paid for the Grinder subscription you have credit with the Play Store. In this case 5 days of credit. The Play Store will not charge you until that credit has been used. To stay within the example, if you decided to purchase the monthly High Roller on the 15. of a month, Google will not charge you anything right away but will change your subscription from Grinder to Highroller and instead of paying for your Grinder on the next 1. of the month you will pay for your Highroller on the 20. of the month (today being the 15. plus those extra 5 credit days). From then on everything works normally.

All these calculations will be done for you by the stores and you’ll get an explicit information about future billing within the app before you confirm buying the High Roller – just try it!

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do that?

First of all: we’re sorry you feel like DTO Poker is not giving you the training you need!
All subscriptions are managed through the stores. Please refer to either the App Store or Play Store on how to cancel them.

App Store: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

Playstore: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481

Would you mind telling us what we could do better?
We are eager to learn what we can improve so any feedback from you is highly appreciated! Please tell us at info@dto.poker and we will be sure to get back to you.

When I open DTO it says my subscription level is "N/A", (but I have a valid subscription) what now?

If you start DTO Poker and it looks like the screenshot below – greyed out “Quick Challenge” and “Play” buttons and no valid subscription level (not even Free) – this usually means the app detected internet connectivity but could not connect to our servers. Please double-check your internet connection, as it might have worked during start-up of the app and then failed. Also make sure you are not running any firewalls or antivirus tools that block DTO Poker’s network connection.


Why was my choice in a specific situation sub-optimal?

DTO Poker has over 120 million hands for you to play – we cannot give a general answer to that question. But we do encourage everyone to join the DTO community on discord (https://discord.gg/2xMfm8Z). It has hundreds of poker and GTO enthusiats discussing situations and optimal decisions everyday. Even Dominik Nitsche himself will give his opinion every once in a while. So jump right in, become part of the community and improve your game even more!

I'd like to play more deep stack spots, where are they?

A: The High Roller tier currently has 14 deep stack spots included. Our Grinder tier has 5 spots (May 2020). Check pricing on www.dto.poker for more details.

I don't believe in GTO because I only play low stakes. Why should I subscribe to DTO Poker Trainer

We believe that in order to become good at understanding Poker it is most important to master the fundamentals. DTO Poker Trainer is perfectly designed to help you find weaknesses in your game. Even today’s top tournament professionals can’t play 15 minutes of DTO Poker without at least making small errors. Finding and eliminating those weaknesses in your game will surely improve your results no matter what stakes you play.

Is it not better for me to play exploitatively?

It’s a common fallacy that in order to beat people at poker you need to have good reads. The truth is that the art of playing “exploitative “is often imperfect and results are entirely subjective. At DTO Poker we prefer an entirely rational math based approached just like today’s top players. And once you have improved your game with it you are still free to incorporate other elements if you feel it will give you an edge.


What are the minimum specs to run DTO Poker Trainer?

DTO Poker works on mobile devices running at least iOS 11.0 or Android 7.0. In general all phones and tablets are supported. The app was highly optimized so it uses minimal ressources and should work just fine on older devices. Since we cannot test all devices please let us know (at support@dto.poker) if you have issues on a particular device. Just make sure your device is fully updated and you run the latest version of DTO Poker Trainer.

Can I use DTO Poker Trainer on my Desktop?

Yes, you finally can. We launched our web version in November 2020.


Does SHR work on mobile?

Our new Super Highroller Tier, its features and the option to purchase it are exclusive to our Webapp. Please log in using your existing DTO Account or create a new one. Super Highroller includes all the features of HR. When using the same DTO account on your mobile app you’ll have access to all Highroller content.

I'm already a High Roller/Grinder Sub. How do I upgrade to Super High Roller?

If you already have a Highroller subscription and want to upgrade please contact us at support@dto.poker. Please include your 32-digit userID (you get it by clicking on the DTO logo on the main screen) in your email. We will make you an offer that you’ll like 🙂


I have written a mail to support but have not gotten an answer, why?

Please allow 48h for us to answer. Although typically we will answer much faster. Also consider that we are based in Europe so please keep in mind what time it might be here. And last but not least please check your spam folder. Sometimes our mails end up there because, you know, poker is a sensitive topic when it comes to spam filters.

I have another question that this Frequently Asked Questions did not answer, what do I do?

Please just drop us a quick mail at support@dto.poker we will get back to you. For most questions it helps to know which system (iOS or Android) you are using, if or when you subscribed and whether your problem happens all the time or just sometimes.

I have played a lot of poker lately and I am not sure if I am still being responsible, can you help?

Although DTO Poker Trainer does not allow actual gambling, either for play or real money, we take possible gambling addictions very serious! If you feel like you play too much or cannot stop playing. Or if you have already had negative effects due to playing poker (missed appointments in school or at work, lost money essential to paying bills, …) we encourage you to seek professional help! Have a look at https://www.gamblingtherapy.org they provide worldwide online help for gambling problems. You can also message us at help@dto.poker and let us know where you are based so we can refer you to a local organisation. And don’t worry, we will keep every mail strictly confidential!