DTO Cash 
Frequently asked Questions


Why is there only 1 flop bet size in certain spots?

Mainly that’s because we believe that for us humans it’s impossible to correctly split our range into more than 2 different actions on the flop. We’ve also done extensive research on what size to use and found that our single size solutions don’t lose significant EV compared to a multi sizing strategy.
We therefore believe it’s best to use only 1 flop bet size in most spots.
Here’s an article we wrote on flop bet sizings.

Why are there so many 3bet spots?

This is because all of our preflop calculations take Z500 rake into account. Due
to the nature of the game it’s simply not very attractive to flat call except for
from the BB. Our preflop solution chooses to almost exclusively 3bet from any
other position.

Will there be a mobile version in the future?

We’re planning to launch a mobile version in 2022.