Frequently Asked Questions


Will more spots be added?

We add two new spots every friday. Either for DTO Preflop Basic, Advanced or ICM.

Can I blindly follow all these charts?

DTO Preflop provides you with an extremely solid preflop game plan. It is important to note that once you start going down a low frequency part of the game tree our results will become less applicable.

Why are there not more 9max ranges?

Calculating preflop 9max preflop ranges takes significant time and resources to calculate. Our servers are currently running on blast to solve more spots.

Why are you using certain bet sizes?

Bet sizes in preflop situations will never be perfect. We tried a lot of different options on a lot of stack sizes. For example, we believe that it is usually correct to either have a big 3b size and/or ideally the option to go all in.  If we only allowed players to 3b to a small sizing that would result in the opening ranges being more aggressive. 


Are these ranges GTO?

NO. Strictly speaking we do not have preflop GTO ranges.  Preflop Range calculation relies on the use of (often heavy) abstractions and the results are not perfect. Our ranges are solver generated and verified by top professionals.  Still, we rely heavily on shortcuts because that is the only way to generate outputs.

But these other ranges I bought are GTO?!

They are also not GTO. They also use shortcuts.  As we run our sims on our own servers with our set of abstractions our results will slightly differ from competitors.