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DTO Preflop Web App
DTO Poker App Testimonial Manig Löser

Ryan Riske
Head Coach of PokerwithRiske Coaching and UpSwing Coach

‘’It’s a great tool for players of all skill levels to quickly drill important high frequency spots.’’

DTO Poker App Testimonial Manig Löser

Tudor “Scrimitzu” Stefan

‘’I’ve been training intensely with DTO Super High Roller for years now and it single-handedly upped my tournament results and GTO knowledge level since transitioning from cash games to tournaments. Now that DTO Cash is out, I’m extremely happy that the flagship poker software I’m using is not only limited to tournaments. I’ve been correcting a lot of my leaks, and feel ready to challenge the cash tables again!’’


DTO Poker Web App

Every relevant 3bet and SRP Spot

Both of our subscription Tiers offer access to 17 unique 100bb 6max Cash Spots. Covering the most important spots you’ll encounter in any cash game.

DTO Postflop Evaluation Screen


Quickly fix your leaks by diving into our Evaluation. Discover exactly how much EV your mistake cost you or find alternative ways to play your hand.  We show you exact frequencies and the EV loss for any action.

DTO Postflop Leaderboards

Leaderboard & Performance Tracking

Compete against your fellow regulars and quickly identify which spot you need to work on. Losing more EV than your competitors in BTN vs BB SRP or frequently blundering on the turn? We’ll show you exactly which area of your game needs work and how well you’re doing compared to other users!

DTO Postflop Preflop Ranges

Solver Generated Preflop Ranges

You can pull up your and DTO’s preflop range in game by clicking on the player. We’re also giving you access to our solver generated preflop range for free. Simply head to preflop.dto.poker and search for “100bb” to get access to our cash game ranges and recommended preflop bet sizings.

DTO Postflop Range Explorer

Range Explorer

You can view the entire strategy for every node of the game tree. For both you and the DTO bot. No more need to run simulations afterwards to answer questions you might’ve had about range construction.  Our Range Explorer lets you look up the exact strategy for any hand you’re curious about!

DTO Cash Coming Soon

Short,Deep and Heads Up!

Optimal strategy shifts a lot as stack sizes change. We’ll teach you to master any stack size you’ll encounter!
We’re also working on adding heads up play to DTO Cash. Playing heads up well is a crucial skill for anyone who’s looking to start tables!