Official DTO Poker RTA scandal statement

by | Sep 29, 2020 | PR | 0 comments

Hey everyone,
while we at DTOPoker obviously have no idea what really went down between Fedor and Henri during the RTA scandal we’ve decided to part ways with Henri as our ambassador.

We strongly do believe that putting hours and hours of extensive GTO study is the way to poker success but obviously do not want to be associated with using RTA.
Our app doesn’t have the capability to act as RTA (and never will) and is simply a training tool designed to help everyone get closer to perfect GTO play.
No human being is capable of making the correct solver approved decision 100% of the time and the best players are the ones who get closest.
This case just shows that even basic RTA can beat any human and that’s what’s scary about it to us as a poker coaching provider.
Because why would people study DTO/GTO if you can they can just access the answer in real-time while they’re playing?!

We’d also like to point out that Henri was simply an ambassador for us who had never seen a line of code so while we don’t know which program Fedor used we can be 100% certain it had absolutely nothing to do with DTOPoker.

Dom and Markus