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DTO Poker is the brainchild of the highly successful poker professional Dominik Nitsche and his long-time student Markus Prinz. Together they created a brand new tool to help you effectively study GTO either on your phone or in your web browser.

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In September 2018 Markus and Dom were working together to help Markus prepare for his first high roller event. The pair went through Dom’s endless collection of simulations and while very effective, found the process rather tedious. They were looking for a more efficient way of study so Dom decided to look at every single hand Markus played for a while and provided immediate feedback with the help of his huge database of solutions.


And that’s how DTO Poker – Your Personal Poker Trainer was born.

Poker Coaching Markus and Dominik


Known as one of the most technically sound professionals on the Super High Roller tournament circuit, Dominik Nitsche has been a dominant force in the highest stakes for years. His success in poker is fueled by his desire to learn and pushing the limits in poker study. This desire to learn has placed him among poker’s elite with over $18,000,000 in live poker winnings, close to $5,000,000 in online poker winnings and a WSOP & WSOPE gold bracelet, which is good for a 32nd place in the all-time money rankings. While continuing to play poker at the highest levels, Dom’s passion for teaching hasn’t wavered. His approach to study is highly regarded as some of the best in the world and has led him to coaching/mentoring other respected professionals in the game. One of them was Markus.

Markus Prinz, co-founder of DTO Poker has had this first hand experience as one of Dominik’s students. Holding a university degree in computer science Markus possesses the technical knowledge to develop a unique app like DTO Poker. A poker coaching app with a strategy framework that is actually followed by the founders themselves can’t be found anywhere else. Between Dom’s exceptional poker knowledge and Markus’ technical is improvements through the coaching of Dom, transformed into results rather quickly as he turned a $5300 buy-in into $624,000 at partypoker’s Millions North America & banked $175,000 after taking 6th in the $50,000 Caribbean Poker Party High Roller. His latest big cash Markus landed at the WPT500, where he finished third, which brought him $202,000. As a 20-time weekly Leaderboard winner, perpetual PPL leaderboard leader & with a history of crushing the toughest games on partypoker, Markus has shown his ability to stay on top of his game through study. His rise in poker confidence can be seen as he continues to put up results at the higher stakes on the live circuit. That same confidence shines through in his passion for the DTO Poker App. He has experienced the DTO process first hand is the best review anyone can ask for regarding the efficacy of the product.

Influence of Dominik Nitsche's poker coaching


What started out as a simple poker training app for tournament players is now much more. 

As poker players, we know how important it is to have the best tools at our disposal to improve our game. That’s why we at DTO Poker are fully dedicated to continuously improving our products and adding new features that our customers want. Over the years, we have added various new tools & features to our platform, such as DTO Cash, DTO Preflop, DTO 3way, aggregated reports, ICM spots, range explorer, and more. These tools & features have helped our customers improve their decision-making skills and become better poker players. But we didn’t stop there. 

Our next step was to deliver an all-in-one solution, for both cash game or tournament players. With DTO Cash or DTO Tournament,  you no longer need to juggle between various tools to work on  your poker skills. Our platform provides all the resources you require to succeed at the poker tables.

We understand that every player has different needs, which is why we have made it easy for you to choose the subscription that works best for you. Whether you are a recreational player looking to improve your game or a professional player looking to stay ahead of the competition, DTO Poker has the tools you need to take your game to the next level.

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Vojtěch “Like a G6” Červinka, CEO

Getting a professional database review every few months is a great add-on to your daily DTO training. You will learn about all the largest leaks in your game and how to easily fix them. Recommended to everyone from micro to high-stakes.
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When it comes to flop cbet sizing it is almost always best to keep your strategy as simple as possible. A simulation with multiple sizing options will require the user to split their strategy accordingly. A task that’s impossible for any human.
We solve this problem by running all of our sims with the single highest EV cbet size.

NO! DTO Poker truly gives you access to everything you need in one subscription whether that’s preflop, postflop or multiway.

By popular demand we decided to make our entire cash game database available for our users. You just need to choose stack size, preflop action, flop, turn and river and can look up everything you want to. 
Simply head to cash.explore.dto.poker to try it out.

Our community requested Z500 but we also offer preflop solutions for other stakes.

We’re the only tool on the market offering solutions simplified by some of the best players in the game. While other tools tend to use far too many betsizings.
DTO Poker strongly focuses on teaching an implementable strategy that is as close to optimal as possible.