What is the DTO Poker App?


The most successful poker pros have been using this information for years. DTO Poker Trainer breaks down GTO poker play step by step to allow you analyze every part of a hand during your poker coaching. You can choose from countless different spots and scenarios and focus on whichever part of your poker game needs the most work. After you’ve played a hand you’ll receive instant feedback on your decisions. Want to dive even deeper? Our evaluation shows you all profitable lines and all optimal frequencies for any action.


the most convenient way to study poker


Gone are the days when you needed to spend hundreds of hours sitting in front of your computer watching videos and trying to memorize charts. DTO Poker Trainer gives you everything you need in your pocket. With DTO Poker you can truly study anywhere. Simply use our DTO Poker App to play a quick couple of hands when the train is running late again, before falling asleep or when you’re waiting for that pizza to finally arrive.


together we can do it

We all know that playing perfect GTO poker is impossible but together we can come closer and consistently improve our skills.
So don’t forget to check out the DTO Poker Discord channel, where top players from around the world discuss strategy and how to make the most of the world-class training offered by the DTO Poker App. Your questions might even be answered personally by the founders Dominik Nitsche and Markus Prinz.

DTO Poker App Screenshots